Friday, August 16, 2013


9, 10, 11 AUGUST 2013

“A wonderful 3 days. Huge energies. Wonderful people and venue. I’m sure many friendships will last. Likewise the symbols will stay with me as part of my new life force.
I thank Starina for her courage, talent, insight and love. I’m sure the Sacred Symbols will positively impact many many people in the future.”    Camill Blackburn

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. What an amazing journey you have taken me (us all) on. There have been highs and lows but they’ve all been positive in helping and healing myself.
What an awesome weekend its been! I feel so light, fresh, and rejuvenated. Ready to take the next step in this magical journey called ‘LIFE’.”    Anna Hall

“Thank you for a wonderful, amazing 3 days of learning about the Sacred Symbols of the Stars. I have absolutely loved every moment and look forward to integrating this new knowledge in my life. I love your honest, fun, sincere way of teaching; it has been very refreshing and enjoyable. Such a blessing to have spent the last 3 days with you and the other beautiful souls at this workshop. Thank you so much, Namaste! Love & blessings to you and your family.”    Paula Mack

“I would love to thank you Starina for your very generous heart. Connecting with you and being able to see the light in your heart was my initial experience at the MBS Expo in Brisbane; in which I hope will endure for many years to come. Through your kindness and perseverance which I needed at that point in my life has enabled me to be here at your wonderful workshop, connected to so many other beautiful beings. The symbols the Universe has so lovingly gifted you with are so “out of this world” hahaha and my heart thanks you from its core to have it now manifested to help humanity evolve and learn and awaken to their truth “The Truth.” Always with much love, light and colour”          Teodora Shembari

“An interesting journey and powerful tools for awakening the deeper parts of my being. I am forever changed and blessed to have this unique experience and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to take responsibility and grow into the being we were born to be. With gratitude and love.”    Margi Pongritz

“An amazing 3 days of love and bliss. I experienced a new inner journey and inner worlds that revealed heaven on Earth (in Earth) and has provided an even deeper more magical perception of this incredible reality. An amazing group of 13+, magic happened. Thanks Starina for the symbols and holding space for us to grow and evolve.”    David Reid

“Dear Starina, I have loved this workshop. Thank you so much for inviting me. I have got more out of it than I could have ever imagined, and at such a deep personal level. I feel like a different person after being activated with your symbols. You are an awesome teacher, so genuine and down to Earth, NO EGO! I love you Galactic Sista, keep on rocking the multi-verse. Our Universe is better for having you in it. Lets stay in touch. Love always.”    Lauren Kurth

“Absolutely brilliant. 2nd time doing this workshop and once again learnt so much. Starinas generosity and sharing her wisdom is not to be missed. Beautiful people in each workshop. Cant wait for the next level now. Love and thanks.”    Kerry Germain

“What an amazing and fabulous weekend!! It was such a pleasure to spend 3 days in everyone’s company. Such a beautiful energy and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it. I had ups and downs and spins and now cannot wait to continue working with and having fun with the symbols. Thank you Starina for sharing these with us, I feel very blessed that I have been given this gift.”    Kate Hotson

“This 3 day workshop has been an amazing journey of love, trust, transformation and healing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with us. With love, light and healing.”       Vikki Speller

“It was all about self discovery. Letting go of energy that no longer served me. This workshop has opened my up to more possibilities and anyone thinking of doing a workshop I would say do The Sacred Symbols of the Stars! Starina is amazing, loving, giving being I have ever met and I am blessed to have her in my lifes journey. Thank you, love & light.”    Shaz Randall

“Simply amazing! So glad, happy, thankful I got the chance to do the workshop. Thank you.”    Tamara Caswell

Friday, June 14, 2013



Place the Transformation symbol down in front of you and work with your imagination (3rd eye) to imagine it spinning anticlockwise like a ninja star. With your eyes opened or closed, move the symbol into the space you are clearing and imagine it spinning from the floor to the ceiling in the corner of the room. (You may like to repeat in your head “floor to ceiling, floor to ceiling” as you move it up and down). Move the symbol to another corner and again allow the symbol to spin from the floor to the ceiling.
Do all four corners of the room in this way, including any cupboards or shelving space. If you are clearing an entire house or workplace do each room including the toilets, store rooms, cupboards etc, everything that is on the inside of the building, room by room. If doing a single room, then go on to step two. If clearing a whole house or business, once you have done all the space inside the building, you want to then do everything around it, above it and below it. Start by imagining the symbol spinning anticlockwise on the outside of the wall you are facing and continue to spin it around the entire perimeter of the building until you are back to the wall you started at.
Then do the space underneath the building, going through the floor into the earth and doing the entire space underneath the dwelling. If you have a pole-home, or have a garage underneath the house or a second story, be sure to clear the whole of that area and then cleanse the earth under the building. To finish this step you then want to do all the space above the building, so imagine the symbol spinning in the space. You can visualise the symbol as big or as small as you like obviously the larger the symbol, the more space it will clear at once. Now you are ready for step two.


Place the Space Clear symbol in front of you and imagine all the purple spheres inside the cube beginning to spin around and starting to move. This symbol works a bit like a vacuum cleaner, so visualise the big cube coming into the house or building and sucking up any residue left behind in each room.
To save time, imagine the symbol large so it does the whole room in one go. Do each room, then visualise it doing all the space around the outside perimeter, then under, then over the building. Now that you have used Transformation to change the energy and cut away any stagnation, entities, negative energies etc, use Space Clear to suck it all up and transmute it. Then it’s time to lay down a protective energy to keep your space harmonious.

Place the Universal Protection symbol in front of you and ask (and visualise) that beautiful golden/white light of Source to come down and around the outside of the room or building you have just cleared. Imagine this beautiful brilliant golden/white light coming down in big bands of energy a bit like ribbons and see it encircle the outside of the building, completely encasing it in the light of Source.
Imagine it like a cocoon of golden/white light wrapped around the outside with no gaps for anything to penetrate. Then ask that the Universal Symbols of Protection come down (the ones in the image above) and see the eight pointed star, then the six pointed star, then the five pointed star come down from Source (above) and lock into place around the outside of the golden cocoon. Know that your space is now cleared and protected.


This is a great technique to use if you have entities in the house, negative energy at work, or have to work out of a space that has a lot of energetic traffic. I use this before every healing or reading I do. I use it at every workshop before we start the day, especially if I have hired a hall to work out of. If my kids are having nightmares or seem irritable, I will do it on the whole house to make sure there’s nothing hanging around.


A Bit About the Journey

I have been channelling holograms since journeying to Egypt in 2007. I became extremely sick whilst in Egypt, and I believe this was the beginning of a huge detoxification of my physical body and also my lifestyle. When we returned to Perth I began feeling this overwhelming urge to draw and paint, I had not ever studied art so I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing a lot of the time, but this feeling was overwhelming, and what I drew did not come from my thoughts or from my own consciousness. I realised I had the ability to draw peoples energy signatures and that these symbols had a profound ability to heal the body of that individual.

Over the years my styles changed as I did, and changed from individual peoples signatures, to energetic frequencies of light that I tapped into and then drew, this got me very excited about what the future held for these artworks I LOVED drawing. I had always wanted to do a card deck and knew when the time was right I would get the go ahead, and in 2011 on 11/11/11 I got the message it was time, that 2012 was the year that these new higher dimensional frequencies would be birthed.

I began tuning into these Sacred Symbols in December 2011, with much of the information coming through while I was out walking, while sleeping or meditating. I was told that we should focus on clearing the Chakras, that they are an extension of the Soul, and that all physical healing is connected and controlled through these energy centres. I was told that even when the physical body has died, the information stored within the Chakras and the Soul continues on. So it is for this reason that during this workshop we will work on imprinting the Level 1 Sacred Geometry into the head and each Chakra (down the spine) and into the Earth, purging the old stagnant energies, and infusing new higher dimensional frequencies at the same time.

I have found this new healing system to be quick, simple and very affective to use. It works multi-dimensionally, and introducing the Sacred Symbols of the Stars magnifies the healing energies tenfold. Just as crystals work as an amplifier for energy, these Templates work in a similar way. They affect not only your physical body and Chakras, but also your energy field, and then ripple out into the Universal Consciousness, and thus affect everyone around you. The Sacred Symbols of the Stars are holographic in nature, and I have created a 2 dimensional drawing of light and sound frequencies that are actually multidimensional.

Each of the 12 gateways act like initiation points. Will you step through with a sense of adventure and fun, and tackle what faces you on the other side, or will you step through with fear and a resistance to change? The choice is yours, and either way, you will still experience a healing. I can tell you that each time you work with these magical symbols you will have a different experience to the last. They have a consciousness of their own and will guide you where to go and what to do.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty colours and simple shapes and lines, these galactic energies these geometries connect you to are of a very high frequency, and cut right through to the source of the wounding you are working on.

What if I told you the Sacred Symbols of the Stars can help you clear your karma? That they can activate dormant strands of your DNA, cleanse and expand your Pineal Gland, and take you on journeys into your past lives. Would that excite you? Well all of that and much much more is achievable. It’s entirely guided by you and how far down the rabbit hole you go.

Each of us who raises our own vibration creates a knock on affect to others. You will notice after working with these energies that you begin to trigger those around you too, and it may not necessarily be in a positive way. My son once told me (in eutro) “Those who shine the brightest light, cast the darkest shadows.” Some people may be inspired and uplifted by the changes in you, seeking your advice and healing, and this is wonderful. But the opposite is unfortunately more common, as others may chose to step into jealousy and denial of their own innate gifts and talents. They may begin to project negative energy at you and please know this is all perfect as they are bringing issues to the surface for you to observe and heal.

Friendships and relationships may fall away, or simply change. Let go with grace and ease and try not to go into blame or anger. As your vibration spins faster, those more dense and heavy energies (and people) will be flung away from you so that you can continue to exist at a higher level. All is as it should be, but it is not necessarily an easy experience to go through. Sometimes in order to enhance and enlighten our everyday experiences we must first lose the things that take up a lot of our time and energy and weigh us down energetically.

We have asked that your Guides, my Guides, the Angels, the Elementals, Mother Gaia, and the Cosmic Counsels of Light be present throughout this workshop. If you haven’t experienced galactic energies before, hold on to your hats! Just know there is absolutely nothing to fear, as we only ever invite in that which is for our highest good.

I wish you all an amazing journey of self discovery and healing, and know that I am always here if you need me. I was taken on a rollercoaster ride in 2012 and this workshop is the culmination of all my hard work and lessons learned. I am now a changed person, I am lighter and happier than I can ever remember being, and I am sitting looking out at a magnificent view that is my life. I wish all this and more for each of you, and it is all possible if you put in the work, use the symbols, clear your past wounding, stay grounded and don’t give up.

You are loved and supported more than you could ever possibly imagine. With this knowing, I wish you all a safe and humorous trip through your wounding into healing.

With love & Stardust, Starina



I want to tell you about a healing I did on myself, I would have to say, it’s the first one I have ever done using the Sacred Symbols, and boy was it a big one. I had been asking to be shown Divine Creation for a few days now, I had a vague idea of how it looked, it was similar to a painting I had channelled for myself a few years ago. At this time I had just finished the flyers for the Sacred Symbols Workshops, they were at the printers, and before I even had them in my hands I felt like a failure. I had the biggest aching in my heart, feelings of unworthiness, self doubt, and just the total opposite of all the high I had felt throughout the channelling process.
I had many chats with my husband about how I was feeling and how bad it was, I hadn’t even got the flyers yet, and yet I felt like I had already failed. It was very intense and not very logical. A few days earlier Pete had done a healing on himself and I was the reason for his pain, it really surprised him as I have never come up in one of his healings before as being the ‘bad guy.’ As soon as he told me this I remembered thinking I bet something comes up for me now where he hurt me, and sure enough it did. In my lil flyer meltdown phase Pete did a healing on me and he had shot me with an arrow through the heart.

The morning after the healing I burst out crying and begged him not to go to work. I knew I had to do a healing on myself, just like he had had to do the healing on himself to get better.
After much procrastination and tinkering on the computer I finally went into the healing room and sat down to heal myself. Part of my blockage is around ‘I can heal myself’ so it was a bit of a big deal and I didn’t really know how to start. I ended up using some crystals like Bismuth and other space rocks along with some quartz sacred geometry pieces. I ended up using the whole deck of geometries, so that was 8 in total, plus I gave intent to use Divine Creation, even though I hadn’t drawn it yet.
I recorded it onto Dictaphone so I could listen to it in case I drifted off etc, but it was more about setting up a healing grid, with intention, and then allowing the healing to happen.

I went through each card and activated it, placed it where it wanted to go but also giving intent that it would also activate the other chakras. I stated my intent to raise my confidence and self esteem, release all fears and feelings of unworthiness, to bring in the rest of the geometries and information with speed and confidence, and asked to cut cords to any negative old patterning concerning how I viewed myself and my limitations. I also ask that I release any fears and blocks connected with bringing through Divine Creation as it has triggered me quite a lot.
I remember picking the first card then the second and then feeling like I would pick them all and then work in reverse. I chose an underlying energy of Universal Protection, then Space Clearing, DNA Activation, Abundance, I ask that Divine Creation also be included, Transformation, Reincarnation, Contact, and then Star Child.
In my grid of crystals I also have a pendant of Ra and I ask to bring in the energy of the Sun, the energy of joy, the energy of empowerment, creation, divinity, warmth, protection,  all those things I just was not feeling in that moment. I ask Ra to ‘please assist me to feel strong at this time, so that I can complete the work I am doing.’
The first card I worked with was Star Child and it was huge it entered my head via my 3rd eye and sat in my Pineal Gland, with the central column going up and out my Crown Chakra and the top star connecting with my Soul Star Chakra. Each of the large stars spun round like pinwheels fireworks. The clear channel of energy needed to be between these two points. I ask to clear away any old programming, and to download more of my divine self, more of my galactic self, more of my divine essence, more of who I really came here to be. I do some toning to release some blocked energy in my throat.
Next I activate Contact and it descends down from heaven, extremely large and I’m doing big yawns releasing. It comes over the top of me and I get sucked upwards, this hasn’t happened before to me in a healing. We go through a big wormhole and I feel like I am being taken home. I’m being shown buildings, I haven't seen anything but space when going through the Contact wormholes. I have tears in my eyes, I feel like I have a direct link to get home when I need to. I see some beings, like Pray mantis beings but more like Ants. They are up on hind legs, touching their arms together, it looks almost like they are sparring. As they are making this movement with their arms I get the impression some ancient records are being released to me, like out of a ‘rock’, out of one of the ‘building blocks’ I saw when I first came through the wormhole. I give intent that Contact continue its work while I move on to activating the next symbol.
I activate Reincarnation and it comes straight into my Throat Chakra and is spinning sideways like a buzz saw, it is spinning anti-clockwise. It then sways on its axis a bit like a fair ride at an amusement park. I use it to cut through a very thick cord of energy I can see going all the way up through my throat. I give intent to release this energy that is hindering me from creating, from believing, from speaking, from storytelling, from connecting, from expressing all that I need to in this moment. I release and surrender. I give intent that Reincarnation continue to work on me while I move on to the next symbol.
I activate the symbol of Transformation and it comes up from the Earth, up through my feet. It is spinning anti-clockwise and I am standing in the centre of it, and it raises up around my body heading up to wards the heavens and back down again. I ask that it work on all of my chakras and help to release anything that is stopping me from expressing myself fully at this time.
I then activate the energy Abundance, and am surprised to find a huge resides in my heart. It’s so big and its beams stretch out in all directions, my heart is the epicentre of the symbol and just seeing this makes me want to burst out crying – because ‘I AM Abundant, I have an Abundance of love in my heart, I AM Abundant in every moment, I have an abundance of everything I need at this time, I AM Abundant.’
I activate DNA Activation and it comes straight at me from the front, and I’m walking straight into it. I am standing inside the capsule and there is a vibration going on around me and the arms begin to turn and the coils begin to spin around. I give intent that it is removing any old programming that is holding me in the past, present or future. I also ask that when it is finished releasing, that I am then infused with any new DNA, and any new energy frequencies I may need in order to bring through the rest of the symbols.
Before I can say anything else I see the Space Clearing symbol come in, it comes in from Source and begins working its way down through all the chakras.  The black symbol is spinning anti-clockwise, while the circular discs of the flower of life design are spinning clockwise. We are working multi-dimensionally. I give intent that when it is ready it will begin to spin in a clockwise direction to create the space that I need to move on.
I ask that Universal Protection come up from the Earth, starting with the 5 pointed star, then the 2 3 pointed symbols, and followed by the octagon with the 8 circles. They head up anti-clockwise and come back down clockwise. I get huge rushes of energy as this happens. I ask that it help to cleanse and clear my body and aura, to help me feel connected to Source and grounded by the Earth, connected to my Guides, connected to my Galactic Healing Team, knowing I am fully grounded and protected in each and every moment.
I now ask that when I lay down to rest, that the symbols continue to work on me for as long as needed. And that when the healing is complete, that I am fully grounded and protected, and that all gateways, doorways, portals, and wormholes are shut and sealed off until such a time as I wish to open them again. I then disconnect from the healing and give intent that my healing team will continue its work while I lay down to rest.
I left the room and lay down in bed with my smoky quartz I had been using during the healing, and I placed it on my heart. I gave a huge amount of thanks for the help during the healing and gave intent that the symbols would now begin their work on me, and off I went.
When I came to, I was repeating the ‘dream’ over and over in my head, making sure I remembered the details as I felt like it was very significant. I must have repeated it to myself 5 times before especially the words ‘he speaks’ so I wouldn’t forget to look it up on the internet.
In the ‘dream’ I hear my voice and the voice of a man coming from a room up ahead, it sounds like me having a channelling session, like it’s a recording being played, and I think oh my Dad must be listening to it.

When I enter the bright white room, the light is on, and there is nobody in the room, there's just a desk with a phone on it. I remember the man’s voice speaking and me replying ‘yes that’s what I have been doing.’

I remember thinking my Dad (Father) must have left the light on, and at some point I look at a computer screen and I see the words ‘he speaks’ written on it several times, like websites there are several references to ‘he speaks’ and I make the connection that they are connected to this guy that I am hearing talking to me in the audio.
I come out of the dream and I lay in bed repeating the details over and over to myself, especially the words ‘he speaks’ as it just felt really important, I slowly get up and think wow that was a good sleep, I hope all the healing kicked in. It’s about 5.30pm so I need to start thinking about dinner.

Hubby heads to the shops and I decide to Google the websites I saw and both turn up with nothing. So I Google the words ‘he speaks’ and all the pages that come up are references to speaking with God. 
I didn’t mention anything about the ‘dream’ to hubby, and it’s not till he is at the shops, after I have gone over all the details in my head again, that I text Peter and say ‘ummm btw I think I just spoke to God!’



Well just about everything is on the move for you right now. It feels like 2013 has been a big year of change, movement, change, movement, all testing your levels of flexibility to the max. And just when you think things have settled down they go and change again or you change and something no longer fits.

This is going to continue to be a big year of change for you, do you have a holiday coming up to Europe? A boats cruise? or is this a dream of yours? coz you should go get yourself on that boat! You really should make the most of what this year has to offer. Be daring, say yes! go out and live a little, try new things, walk on the wild side instead of being so careful all the time.

This is the year to try new things, change, let go and transform, and next year will settle down and be more about integrating all the shifts and changes you have had this year and last. Not long now till the year is out so think of what exciting new plans you can put on the calendar and then go for it!

Transformation! Yes yes yes. This is the year for change for me and my journey! Not sure about the boat as I boats don't mix (extreme sickness) however, a holiday would be lovely. What resonates with me is the movement, then change, then movement. Shifts and changes. Finding my feet I like to call it. Xoxoxo much love to you Namaste


Lanna Sutherland

What are you afraid of? not being loved, not being accepted as you truly are, not being enough? it’s time to let go of these fears and start living!!!

Don't hold yourself back from shining bright as a star in the nights sky, just because it casts darkness on another.

Don't hold back from being the best version of you just because it might make someone else not feel good enough. It’s time to shine! Universal Protection is all about connecting to your Guides, your healing team, the Angels and beings of light who are with you to assist you at any moment.

This card comes about for people who feel alone, or lonely, for when you are feeling disconnected and lost. The golden light of Source showers down upon you and reminds you that we are never separate from what we desire.

Let go of your fears and shine bright like a diamond!

wow wow wow this is exactly me at the moment and has enforced what I am doing.



Leisa Crane

Hmm well I feel tired as soon as I tune into you, and it feels like this is symbolic of your efforts in a way. Like you are trying so hard to make things happen, make things work, and yet nothing has taken off just yet. And your time will come. I feel like it’s a matter of which way your direction is, I know it sounds weird but literally the direction you are driving, the location you are going to, the energy is in the wrong place.

It’s like if I was looking at the map of Australia, your up and heading further up and to the left, and you need to come down a bit and to the right, does that make sense? not as far down as us but is Hervey bay near you? Have you looked at a course or work in that area? it feels like something is going to open up for you there and its going to open up a whole new fresh energy for you. Like you will be well received there for the Master that you are.

Your energy is like a digital wavelength and you are located in an analogue area. They haven't upgraded their communication systems enough to be able to handle your bandwidth. You need to come down a bit, the energy is very different in Hervey, much more receptive to your way of thinking and operating. I feel the Lemurian energy is stronger in those parts and you really resonate to that, I keep seeing a dolphin, connecting in with the Sirian energy vibration.

Lol I just heard 'you need to work with Pete' haha and by work with I feel it’s more like energy healing, swapping codes. you two know each other from way back and have come here on a similar mission. you are the quiet achievers, the wise owls who know much but share little until the time is right and the audience is receptive. I feel like as long as you stay where you are working/directing your energy to be successful, you will continue to hit a wall. Look at your options down and right, Hervey Bay just stands out.

Use your connections, join a meditation group or something in that area, make the connections, get the word out who you are and what you do and start anchoring your energy there and things will begin to shift in the right direction.
Perfect as always Starina, and yes agree with all of that. Awesome reading, thank you. I have had Hervey Bay area in my sites for a while, so we will see what comes up.